Becoming a Leader


By Ed Murphy. Free e-Book available for download in PDF format. 205 pages.

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“I have been writing articles, Op-Eds and essays for close to fifty years. They are part of my activism. In 2017, I collected thirty-eight pieces into an anthology. I named the book “Becoming a Leader” because each essay was written to explain an issue, advocate for a position, and refine my leadership skills. Returning from the Vietnam War I presented myself publicly against that war, for peace, and my essays strengthened my role as a leader. They were external meditations, helping me clarify my own values. I studied politics, American culture, and organizational development, the history of transformative social change, elections and revolutions. These essays reflect some of the lessons I learned and what I did with that knowledge.

“Organizing this book I learned more about my choices and the ones I now face. I present these thoughts and experiences to you hoping you will value your experience and wisdom and share it with the next generation. We face common questions. What do I believe and prioritize? Shall I live where I was raised? What are my skills? What kind of work do I want to do? What forms of personal relationships do I want to have? Do I want to have children? What values will I share with them? Do I value diversity or prefer living with my own “tribe”? What does America mean to me? Do I want to shape its future and, if so, how?

“I have lived the engaged life of an activist, a leader and thinker. These essays may help you choose your answers to some of these questions. You can read here or download them for free.”

– Ed Murphy


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